Pasta straws

for bars and restaurants in Switzerland

eco, unusual, safe for people and enviroment, unique. Save planet, use pasta straw
100% compostable
Once thrown in a compost it will be decomposed, eaten by bacterias or will become a natural fertilizer.
no additives
We care not only about the environment but about people as well. We don’t use glue or any chemicals to extend the life of straws.
long lasting
The straw can be served for cold or hot drinks. On average it can stay more than 1 hour in a cold drink unless your clients will eat the straw.
Your clients will definitely talk about your restaurant and unique experience of using pasta straws. Seize the opportunity to stand out and become famous.

why should we drink through the pasta straw

Replace your paper straws with pasta straw. Unsustainable paper consumption contributes to deforestation and natural ecosystem degradation.
save the forests
Cost of one straw depends on initial order; support of ecology - priceless.
Recent analysis by the Oceaneye group shows that Lake Geneva contains a total of 14 million microplastic particles smaller than 20 centimeters.
On 02 July, 2021, the Directive on Single-Use Plastics took effect in the European Union. According to the directive single-use plastics, including straws, must be banned. So far more than 25 million tons of plastic waste are generated every year in Europe.
is in our force to stop that contamination.
For climate change? Consume conscientiously. Pasta straws are made of wheat and water. They don’t need special facilities to be recycled.
what can we do
20cm long is the perfect size for cocktails, juices and other drinks. Customers will value your sustainable approach.
photos from our clients
let’s cooperate
sample can be delivered only to companies that are based in Switzerland.
request a free sample
request a free sample
sample can be delivered only to companies that are based in Switzerland.
Lausanne, Switzerland